expense tracking for travelers
Euro Expenses 2009
ROLE: Everything
TECH: CodeIgniter, PHP, AJAX, xHTML, CSS

While taking some time off in 2009 to travel throughout western Europe we decided we needed to track our expenses very carefully and methodically. Additionally, during some free time in Lisbon, I decided to get some practice with the CodeIgniter PHP application framework.

The core functionality of this app are maintaining the list of expenses and making some useful reports for processing our expenses. In order to get more exposure to the various features and functions of CodeIgniter that I might use for future projects, I built parts of the app as AJAX and other parts requiring separate trips to the server. Expense details like categories and locations are contained in separate tables for easy editing and better maintenance. There is also a backup feature to make backup of the data quick and painless. And for fun (and practice) the app supports localization of the UI which you can see here in Italian.

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