skinnable mp3 radio
SpotDJ Player
ROLE: Lead Developer
TECH: Actionscript 2 (OOP), xHTML, CSS

SpotDJ started as a way for music appreciators to add comments and insight to music much in the way radio DJs once did. The SpotDJ online interface was a skinnable Flash-based mp3 player &ndash artists would submit designs for the player to SpotDJ and new skins could be easily and quickly made and added to the site.

My tasks:

  • design and build a full-featured Flash audio/video player
  • design/build a skinnable UI system for this Flash player using a kit of parts system to allow for flexibility of available features
  • allow for dynamically-varying size of Flash embed objects
  • rapidly create new skins as artwork arrived from local artists
  • integrate Flash data retrieval (playlists, files) with custom backend system (RoR)

NOTE: SpotDJ is no longer available and the company is now Context Optional, Inc, which builds applications for social networking sites like Facebook. I have worked for them since SpotDJ to build Facebook apps with Flash front ends.

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