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I am a self-motivated, creative designer/developer with:

I offer 20 years designing and developing successful interactive media projects during which I have:

What I am looking for:


Currently my focus is on web standards, HTML5 and web app development. For several years before Flash died, the majority of my projects were Actionscript (3 and 2), with a sprinkling of PHP and HTML at times.

pertinent languages/technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, H5BP, PHP, Flex, Actionscript 2/3, SQL, a variety of web APIs, ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter framework, TextPattern.

pertinent applications

BBEdit, Sublime Text 2, Eclipse/FDT, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, SVN server and clients and plenty of other standard development workflow applications.


Some past clients: Clif Bar/Luna, Nike, Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Verizon Wireless, Travel Channel, National Park Services, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Bellsouth, Lockheed, Circuit City, Coca-Cola, Centers for Disease Control.

Pertinent education: Five years (1989-1994) at the University of Florida studying architecture and journalism with a B.S. in the latter.

Languages: English natively, Italian conversationally, Spanish quite poorly and a few Korean curse words.


Entreprenuer/Designer/Developer (2013)

Currently exploring a variety of entreprenuerial options and doing some contract consulting.

Interactive Development Department Head — The Creative Circus (2010-2012)

Responsible for development and modification of curricula and syllabi, hiring and managing part-time instructors, teaching technical and concepting classes, mentoring students, promoting the program and managing the department's resources.

Senior Flash/Flex Developer (contract) — WebMD.com (2010)

Responsible for development of web applications and widgets for WebMD.com site.

Flex, AS3, AS2, Javascript/jQuery.

Senior Web Developer — 17FEET Interactive (2008-2009)

Responsible for development of high-profile projects including an alternate reality site for the movie EagleEye, the customization studio for Microsoft Zune, a variety of future product prototypes for the Xbox division and a community-driven site for Luna Bar.

OOP AS3, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Expression Engine, AS3<->PHP<->Chat Server integration, Mac OS X Server administration, SVN server setup.

Freelance Web Developer (2006-2008)

Completed a variety of interactive projects ranging from product support to user interfaces. Primary highlights were working with SpotDJ/Context Optional to build social network site applications and building my relationship with 17FEET (my successive employer).

OOP AS3/2, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL.

User Interface Designer - WideRay (2005-2006)

Responsible for variety of activities surrounding user interface and experience design for mobile device software including user flow diagrams, interface wireframes, design studies, adapting designs to a wide variety of mobile device interfaces, and retail kiosk design and programming.

AS2, HTML for mobile devices, CSS, PHP, UI Design.

Owner/Creative Director - The Altitude Studio (1999-2004)

Responsible for leading a rigorous design exploration process, turning around projects on quick deadlines and within client budgets, building and managing client relationships, planning project schedules, estimating costs and configuring and managing business internet servers (web, ftp, mail, bbs).

AS1/2, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, UI/UE Design, Director (Lingo).

Interactive Media Designer - Ketchum, Inc (1998-1999)

Responsible for designing and building corporate web sites using HTML and Flash, brainstorming creative solutions to client branding and marketing problems, streamlining production processes and defining project resource organization and documentation procedures.

Photoshop, HTML, CSS.

Web Graphic Designer - CNN.com (1998)

Responsible for creating daily story graphics and maps with quick turnaround.


Web Designer - Conduit Software (1995-1997)

Responsible for designing and building corporate web sites, creating and maintaining internal marketing collateral and web site, and designing intranet software information architecture and application interfaces.

Photoshop, HTML, CSS.