I started as a print designer.

I enjoyed a good 10 or so years designing interactive media. As my career progressed, I took on more production and programming responsibilities to ensure that my designs would see the light of day as I'd imagined them and not filtered through someone, let's just say, not so overwhelmingly concerned with the expression of good design.

An understanding of both design and development is a good thing.

Through my experience as a designer and as a developer, I have gained a deep understanding not only of both processes but in how they can work together to make beautiful business solutions. This benefits everyone involved.

Business sense to boot.

Running my own studio for five years taught me many useful things outside the normal realm of development but foremost is that I understand we're doing business and if we get projects done quickly and efficiently we make more money (sometimes) and have less stress. And our clients keep coming back for more. I know that's not everything but it's helpful and certainly not something every employee acknowledges.

Sometimes you just gotta get down in it. I have well-defined and successful work processes that are flexible to accomodate any creative problem even if it means cutting out tiny little phone screenshots and commandeering the CEO's office...

...or performing underwater typography.