Travel Meals during Eurotrip 2009

Here are some culinary highlights and notes about what we’ve eaten during our travels in Europe in 2009. Some meals were cooked at home and others were out at restaurants/cafes/bars. My primary intention here is to catalog food for personal reasons.

The first reason is so we can browse through what we ate on our trip later in life and remember some of the great meals and experiences we’ve had while traveling and maybe try to recreate some of them later.

The second reason is to provide motivation for meals cooked while traveling. Travel meals give a home cook several interesting and fun opportunities. The first is to try to cook standard recipes from your home arsenal with new ingredients and in new settings. This has a tendency to force you to experiment a little and maybe try new things. Another opportunity is to try to cook foreign recipes in the their native land with native ingredients. You may never be able to cook the exact same meal that Italian grandmother cooked for you while you were visiting Tuscany but if you use the same ingredients, you can at least give it a shot. Another opportunity is the chance to experiment off-the-cuff since you’ll have access to things you cannot get at home.

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