Posted: 2009-10-21

Lake Como

Before heading back to the U.S., Chad and I decided to have one last “hurrah” and end our European tour in style.  Last Thursday, we left Milan and headed up to Lake Como for 4 days. We stayed at a posh spa hotel on the western shore of the lake in the town of Tremezzo.  Luckily for us, it was “low” season so we didn’t have to pay posh prices. 

Lake Como is stunningly beautiful.  It is an alpine lake with lush hills and mountains which plunge right down into the water.  For those of you who have been to Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border, it looks kind of the same only narrower and longer.  Cute little towns spill down the mountainside to the water’s edge.

A view of Lake Como from the ferry

A town on the lake

The town of Bellagio which was across the water from our hotel

A picturesque street in Bellagio - you can see the lake water and the western shore beyond

This store was tucked next to the church in Bellagio - it’s called Piccolo Mondo Antico (Little Old World)

Because of its beauty, Lake Como has been a playground for the rich for a long time.  We didn’t see George Clooney, but he did leave a nice note asking us to meet him for cocktails on our next visit.  Opulent old hotels and neoclassical villas with lush gardens line the shores.

Here’s the entrance to Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo

Across the lake from our hotel, we could see this white villa (on the right) and its sprawling gardens

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.  It was built in 1910 and has an old-world, belle époque atmosphere.  This Missouri girl had never stayed in a hotel that nice before, so it was a fun experience.

Here’s a view of our hotel

The main lobby of our hotel

The hotel has a billiards room with an 18th-century French pool table - oh-la-la!

Our room was furnished with antiques

The view from our room, yes, we had a balcony overlooking the lake

The main swimming pool is floating in the lake

There is another pool in the gardens behind the hotel

Palm trees in the hotel gardens

We were able to justify this final extravagance because, obviously, we needed to have massages after carrying our bags all over southern Europe for the last 7 months.  Plus, I absolutely needed a first-class facial after all of the traveling we’d done.  Besides, Lake Como is just 45 minutes north of Milan, so we practically HAD to go there. 

Rental car:  not in our budget
5-star luxury hotel:  not in our budget
Spa massage and facial:  not in our budget
4 days of pampering at Lake Como:  priceless

Lake Como at night

-Julia Abbott



I think I would have stayed here for a while longer - wow how fabulous and what a way to end an otherwise fantastic 7 months!! Good for you and nice to have you back.


splendid way to wind down your travels!

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