Posted: 2009-08-11

Exploring Avignon

We have now spent a few days exploring Avignon.  Here are some of our discoveries:

The St. Benezet Bridge was built in the 1300s to connect the medieval town with the town of Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon across the river.  Of the 22 original arches which supported the bridge, only 4 remain today.

The walls around the city center were built in 1403 by Pope Benedict XIII.  They completely surround the old town to this day.

Avignon has an annual summer theater festival that takes place in July.  There are over 900 performances in theater, dance, and music during 4 weeks.  We arrived in the city 3 days after the festival was over, but there were still posters everywhere promoting specific performances, on walls, fences, overhead wires… 

This fence displays typical posters

Rue des Teinturiers is the street where the calico cloth printing was done in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The cloth was washed in a canal which runs the length of the street.  It is a cute little area with water wheels in the canal and little café tables lining the sidewalks.

This ice cream parlor on the main tourist drag has 11 soft-serve ice cream machines out front.  In addition to chocolate and vanilla, flavors include mint, banana, strawberry, coconut, Nutella, melon, cassis and passion fruit.  Twist cone, anyone?

Les Halles is the central market building in Avignon.  I like the vegetated wall on the north side:

We stopped by St. Pierre Church to check it out:

The carved wooden entry doors are interesting

The gilted wood choir and alter setting stood out in an otherwise simple interior

Other scenes from the old town:

I liked the stone carving on the façade of this church - baby angels backlit by rays of sunshine from heaven while they hold a basket with a human head in it, awww, cute

This former church building is now a museum - the design reminds me of some the Italian churches that I studied in architectural history class

Narrow back street with stone walls in the medieval quarter

An abandoned Imprimerie (printing business)

Okay, I will!

-Julia Abbott


Edie Voit

Juli (and Chad) I haven't checked in with your progress in a while so I have been catching up and am inspired to finally comment. (I know I'm supposed to be working). Everything looks so lovely and I am so envious. Keep writing and enjoy yourselves and yes, keep saving water!

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