Posted: 2009-09-08

Au Revoir, France

We left France on August 30 and headed into Italy.  Here are some final tidbits from our last few days in France.

Our host, André, loves classic cars.  He has a French “Ballot” from 1927, a sporty Fiat Dino and a Maserati.  Chad accompanied André and Patricia to a car show one morning.  (I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home.)  This annual car show is held on a golf course, and this year there were about 80 cars on display followed by a luncheon.  André‘s friend Chris brought her Town and Country, and it won the car show.

Some of the cars on display

André‘s 1927 Ballot

Chris’ Town and Country has real wood paneling on the sides

Chad wants to buy this Ferrari

Ferrari Row

This Lambourghini is not shy!

I like this old Jaguar

One evening, we went out to dinner in the nearby town of Seillans.  We had a nice dinner of traditional Provençal food, sitting on the restaurant terrace overlooking a small, busy square below.  After dinner, we strolled around the town.

Here we are at dinner with André and Patricia

One of the streets in Seillans

Old buildings in the town

Another evening, we went back to Grasse to have dinner with Patricia’s daughter and son-in-law.  We had a nice evening, good food and good company.

André, Patricia, Regis, Virginie and Chad

After the main course of lamb and artichoke stew, we had a cheese course with 4 cheeses, grapes and pears

Here are a few more photos:

Here’s another picture of Minette - this time she is sitting in the sink in the outdoor kitchen

Grapes in the backyard of our house

André taught Chad how to make a perfect cheese soufflé - it was delicious!

One of Chad’s experiemental photos as we were walking in Grasse

-Julia Abbott



Can't wait for Chad to make a cheese souffle for me! Looks super delicious!


I'm with Ruth on this one - waiting to taste Chad's cheese souffle!!! Yummy! So did the fruit and cheese plate.


Oh I forgot - I do love the cars I would have loved to see that up close and personal!!! You lucky ducks!!!

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