Posted: 2009-07-30

Aix-en-Provence markets

Aix-en-Provence has some great markets.  Every morning, there is a food market on Place Richelme in the center of the old town - it’s mostly produce, but there are some other tasty things as well.  Two or three days a week, there is the flower market at Place de la Mairie in front of city hall.  On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, there is a large market near the “Palace of Justice” (the courthouse) which has food, clothes, pottery, jewelry, antiques, books, records, and many other interesting things.  Today, I took photos only in the food section of this market, but you could wander around here for hours looking at all sorts of things.

It’s summer, fruit season!

Beautiful heads of lettuce

Pretty bunches of carrots

Chanterelle mushrooms are $18 to $24 a pound in the US - at the market today they were the equivalent of $5 a pound

Local honey

You can purchase French cookies in bulk - sorry for the crazy angle photo

Cheese for sale at the farmers market

Baskets of sausage for sale

Rice and dried beans sold in bulk out of bags

Bulk spices - I’m still trying to figure out how these are transported from one farmers market to the next

This mix of spices is supposed to be rubbed on red meat like beef or veal - such a pretty basket!

The spice vendor also sold a blend of colorful peppercorns

Marseilles, which is 25 kilometers away, is famous for its production of soap - we stopped at this soap vendor


-Julia Abbott



Give me the sausage - tangy tastes and penicillin all on one.


my god, how do you not buy one of everything when you go there?!

Chad Altemose

Easy - too expensive to buy one of everything. If this was Portugal I'd just buy the whole market.

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