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Hello family and friends and other random people. Juli (my wife) and I spent most of 2009 in Europe on sabbatical. We’re keeping this journal to preserve memories and keep in touch and to show you how things went on our trip.

For more information about this trip and why we took it, read the first entry.

Here is a link to our map showing our progress throughout the trip.

Below is a list of our journal entries.
Note that entries may be written by either of us (but mostly Juli).

To see highlights of the photos from our trip, you can visit my flickr site.

Latest Article

Eurotrip 2009 Summary - Recount our many adventures during our 2009 trip to Western Europe.

Ten Recent Articles

Travel Stats and “Best-Of” - Our Trip in a Nutshell

Soccer in Milan - A Sporty Last Night in Europe

Lake Como - A Luxurious Treat for Ourselves

Shopping Milan - Fashion and Food

Exploring Milan - Layers of History

Renaissance Milan - da Vinci in the House!

Hello, Milan! - Playing Tourist Again

Corniglia - Cinque Terre's Smallest Village

Wine Tasting and Cooking Class - Eating and Drinking in The Cinque Terre

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