Note Index for Garden Log

First Clover Thu 2012-03-22
Planted clover seeds in front of concrete and zinnia/daisy area. Planted some butterfly mix behind manhole cover and nasturtium between that and the ground cover.
Planted New Arugula Tue 2012-03-20
Received seeds from Territorial Seeds for arugula, red clover, marigolds. Planted arugula between fig and tomato area.
Gate Corner Lantanas Mon 2012-03-19
Planted 3 lantanas in the front gate corner - 2 perennial, 1 annual.
First Transplants Sun 2012-03-18
Transplanted first seedlings into little pots: 6 african marigolds, 6 reisentraube, 6 principe borghese, 5 cukes, 4 dill, 5 fennel, 7 purple pear, 1 black cherry, 5 black trifele, 4 cilantro, 2 dad's sunset, 3 costoluto, 1 brandywine, 1 amsterdam spinach. Planted seeds in peas/onion/chard area: chadwick's rodan, endive, verde di taglio, little gem, nero di toscana detroit red beets, blue lake bush beans. Planted annual and perennial lantanas from Lowe's. Planted shin kuroda and tonda di parigi in buckets on deck.
image: Ground Cover from Habersham’s Sat 2012-03-17
Planted golden creeping jenny, dragon's blood sedum and green sedum at front inner gate/concrete.
First Flower Planting Wed 2012-03-14
Planted zinnias, snapdragons and shasta daisy flowers in front of the first raised bed/concrete. Good progress in bed 1 — most stuff is taller; amsterdam prickly spinach has poor viability. Onions, chard and rogue lettuce in yard are growing visibly. Lettuce, arugula and spinach near fig are sprouting as is the fig.
Bucket Carrots Sun 2012-03-11
Planted amarillo and atomic red carrots in bucket containers on porch. Cleaned off the concrete pad up front.
Build Michele’s Bed Sat 2012-03-10
Built a raised bed in Michele's yard. Watered outside plants/seeds. Finished second raised bed with lettuce and carrots.
Multiple Plantings Fri 2012-03-09
Starting to pop up in trays: sage, dill, cilantro, fennel, friarello di napoli, aji, peperoncini, padrones. Lowe's marigolds not very viable, nor flowers. Planted potatoes from Farmer D's in black bags. Planted near fig tree: nero di toscana, little gem, rapini, thai basil, nasturtium, tondi di parigi.
More Trays Sun 2012-03-04
Planted more seed trays: juliet, principe borghese, purple pear, kaki coing, african marigolds. Also planted 24 pods of random Italian pepper seeds.
image: Bed Seedlings Sat 2012-03-03
In the first raised bed, the following are now showing: beets, some carrots, gigante spinach, amsterdam spinach, nero di toscana. Planted in beds: nero di toscana, endive, shin kuroda and atomic red carrots, chioggia beets. Planted in seed trays: sun gold, japanese cukes, black trifele, black prince, genovese basil, thai basil, lewis scotch bonnets, padrones, costoluto, poblano, brandywine.
image: Seedlings Sprung Thu 2012-03-01
Most seedlings are sprung except for: all peppers, Lowe's marigolds, parsley, basil, sage. Moved the lettuce upstairs and the seedlings under the grow lights.
Spinach Appears Fri 2012-02-24
Spinach seedlings appear.
First Three Seed Trays Planted Sat 2012-02-18
Planted three seed trays of 72 pods with: tomatoes, peppers, cukes, marigolds, snapdragons, mexican sunflower, basil, parsley, cilantro, fennnel, dill, spinach.
First Lettuce Harvest Tue 2012-02-14
All lettuce types ready for light harvest. Arugula is showing slowly. No carrots.
Start Second Indoor Box Sat 2012-01-21
All lettuce from first inside box sprouted. Planted second container with arugula and carrots.
Indoor Start Sat 2012-01-14
Started growing lettuce inside today using a plastic bin and grow lights. Planted varieties: Little Gem, Merveille des Quatres Saisons, Black-seeded Simpson.
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