my career as an

Interactive Media Developer

I started out in the 1990s as a graphic designer working on print publications. In ‘95 I started learning HTML (it sure was simpler then) and then moved to Atlanta where I worked for a consulting firm, CNN, agencies and studios before starting my own interactive media studio in late 1999. Those web boom and dot-bomb days sure were a lot of fun. I miss ‘em a little.

Anyhow, The Altitude Studio (my business) lasted until 2004 when I moved to San Francisco. I worked at an ad agency and a mobile phone software development company before going on another freelance stint, getting married, and then working fulltime as a developer for 17FEET (who are some really awesome folks).

In 2008 my wife and I decided to move back east but before relocating we took a sabbatical and spent most of 2009 in europe just taking it easy. We kept a travelog which you can read here.

Currently I teach at web development and design at The Creative Circus.

My recent portfolio and career history is here.

If you want to see my older portfolios, check out these links:

2004 Portfolio | 1998 Portfolio

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